D458F3A3-2026-49A2-AE21-DE71FF1F7E72This is a rollicking episode as the show begins to pick up pace. Doctor (not really a Doctor) Smith has joined the family and it is clear that she is a complex individual, at one point planning on abandoning them but then coming back to help. Does she want to be good? Just be part of a family unit, like she never has been before before.

The bond between boy and robot continues as Robbie locks Will into a closet because he is in danger, the only problem is he won’t even let his parents get to him until the danger has passed.

We get some nice comic moments in this episode, mostly from Toby Stephen’s John Robinson, as he channels his inner Shatner to wrestle a plastic petrol snake. Also he stalls their ship before embarking on a very Millennium Falcon-Esq dash to the surface with ice collapsing in on them.

“Petrol snakes on a plane spaceship.”


Is Toby Stephen’s Phoning it in?

They are forced to do this, even though it uses up all their fuel because the snakes have drunk all their fuel (naughty snakes). Episode three or maybe we should call it “Petrol snakes on a plane spaceship.” still left me with the feeling that John Robinson is a little wooden and one dimensional at the moment, with Stephen’s seemingly trapped in a dilemma of playing it full action hero or allowing a little nuance. He’s an extremely talented actor and he absolutely killed it as Captain Flint in Black Sails. I am hoping then that with some focused dialogue and more screen time he will come into his own. This is after all the first few episodes and the writers are trying to establish a new narrative universe as well as introducing us to a bunch of characters at the same time.

Again the visuals are stunning in this episode and I am looking forward to episode four.

See you next week and skip on over to the forum if you want to chat. But watch out for snakes.



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