If you are Gloucestershire based and interested in running a poetry workshop, I am an experienced facilitator, leading poetry and songwriting workshops in settings across the county including schools and charities.

Using restorative approaches my workshops are collaborative and fun. The only rule in my workshops are, we make our own rules.

Many of the people I’ve worked with have never written a poem before, we work together to unlock the creative forces I believe we’re all gifted with.

Here are some examples of my student’s work;

“I want to sing, I want to write

to observe you, to describe you

I want to compare you.”

“You, my ninth symphony. Stretch my mind, playing my melodyI would like to sculpt you, without damage, almost nothing to modify, only a few touches.”

“Hostage in the radiance of blind intellect.”

“It’s the complexity of what makes us human. Using understanding to heal.”

If you are interested in finding out more then email me at wotwhq@gmail.com