Since my last review a strange controversy has broken out online. It concerns whether the Lost in Space robot might be hot. Specifically whether it has a nice arse or not?

I have to confess it never occurred to me, but now I know about Robbie’s curvaceous rear, it’s hard to ignore. I’m worried that this recap will think of nothing else, and the robot will become the butt of all the jokes.

Have you been drawn into “hot-bot.” gate? If you’re like me and want to just enjoy a good old slice of sci-fi then we will get on with the re-cap.

All Will is Saying is Give Peace-bot a Chance

Judy discovers the robot’s past and that Will knew and has covered it up. She initially insists they tell Dad immediately but Will begs her to give robot a second chance.

Meanwhile John and Maureen go to couples retreat by way of making contact with some other survivors and getting trapped in a satellite dish. Here they come into contact with Don West, who turns out to be a charming and roguish smuggler with a penchant for naming chickens. He doesn’t yet know that Smith is being harboured inadvertently by the Robinsons.

We also get a look at the formation of a new earth government as the leader of the colony has survived but the Robinson’s “voted for the other guy.” We still haven’t reached a place in the future where a female president is likely it would seem, and the show does appear to be very American-Centric. I get no sense of the same diversity we see in Trek. But time will tell.

The survivors are trying to contact the main colony ship but that damaged satellite isn’t helping matters.

Voices in the Dark

The junior Robinsons are going to hide Robbie in a cave. They leave handprints and bot prints in a cave and they get to consider the nature of forgiveness. The episode ends with Machiavellian Doctor Smith tracking the robot down and trying to turn him against Will.

It’s interesting that the robot has been designated male as it has given no clear indication so far what it even is. I’m thinking that it will be more than a robot and there will be some organic component to our robot friend.

Another strong episode, join me in the LiS forum to let me know what you thought?


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