Francisco the Fox

Writing is well under way for Aardvark Tales Part Two. In fact the current plan is to release a paperback version of a book called “Aardvark Tales” sometime next year. The book will contain a revised version of Part One, already released as an e-book, and parts Two and Three all in one neat and tidy tome.

There is also a sequel/prequel that has already been written called “Aardvark Legends”(more details in due course). The book will be illustrated by my brilliant daughter and some of the profits will go to charity.

I am delighted to share with you some of the new characters. Francisco the Fox and Gerald the Worm. Francisco plays the bango and is something of a hippy, his father fought in the great Fox, Badger Wars and as a result Francisco is a pacifist. He assists the GDA (Good Dream Alliance). Gerald comes from a long line of Welsh mining worms, and he helps our heroes find a very important map.

Below are the pictures of my new friends. You can see the evolution of these animals, from my scratchy concept art to my daughters beautiful more elegant designs.


Evolution of a Fox


Gerald the Worm

Aardvark Tales Part One is available now as an e-book via Amazon. Please buy a copy if you can as all proceeds go to the Grand Appeal Charity, a most excellent charity very close to my heart.

All words and pictures are copyright of John de Gruyther and Evelyn de Gruyther 2017.

John de Gruyther and Evelyn de Gruyther have asserted their right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the authors of this work.

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