The Aardvark Tales are a series of inter-connected adventures I am currently writing. Aardvark Tales is out in paperback later this year and one of the follow up tales will feature the Rabbits of Newton North plus some familiar old friends. The above rough sketch depicts the Professor, chief of the tribe of Artemis, saying goodbye to Francisco the fox.

Today’s prompt made me think of another character from Aardvark, Trevor the snail because he talks in rhyme. The inspiration behind him was partly Lewis Carroll and trying to create a surreal and fantastical character that remains rooted in the natural world. Carroll has been an influence in this regard.

Also in the fog of distant memory I remembered the giant snail from the Rex Harrison version of Doctor Doolittle, so Trevor has something of that creature about him. Trevor has certain capabilities and those familiar with the film might guess what these might be. For those who don’t know the film, you’ll have to wait for the book.


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