In celebration of Colin Morgan’s National Television award, I thought I would reblog my response to the cancellation of Merlin on the BBC..

The World Outside the Window

Dear Merlin

I have really enjoyed our time together and I remember when we first met. We were a lot younger of course, you a fresh faced wizard and I working in an office during the day and playing music by night. What great adventure filled days they were, you doing magic in secret behind everyone’s back, it was so funny and I never got bored. You know what it is like though Merlin, my love, in any relationship it takes hard work and commitment on both sides and no little sacrifice and you know I have tried all I can. I have been patient with all your little foibles and faults and that was rewarded as our relationship bloomed. Though now I feel it might be the right time for us to part.

Now, don’t be cross, listen to my reasoning because I believe it is sound. I know…

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