I thought that on this snowy and cold evening I would share with you the lyrics to my most recent song, which I wrote just before Christmas. I think sometimes when you see song lyrics written down in all their stark reality, it often gives them new meanings. Meanings that even the author of the work did not initially see.

I wrote this song looking out of my window on a cold December night and with the snow of the last few days I thought it was an appropriate time to post these words. So here they are out in the world for the first time, let me know what they mean to you?


The early frost is mourning, the moon has gone its way.

The early frost is sighing, the sun is on its way.

Come back out moon, my brother, I’m sorry for the things i’ve said.

How can the world keep learning when we fight and squander ’till we’re dead?

I said, “Moon.”

I look up to the sky and it is broken but your crystal gaze keeps me warm,

Moon. Like frozen floods turned to ice, you warn us that beneath, our hearts have gone cold.

I said, “Moon.”

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