To mark World Freedom Day I have been asked to give a talk on modern slavery at my local church. Some of us have the great gift of freedom of choice whereas some, living on our doorstep, don’t even have the freedom to leave the house they are being held captive in. This put me in mind of a poem I wrote a few years back. I have re-worked it slightly for the theme of modern slavery.

Untaught letter boxes

Trapped in hatred

Bearing false witness, on the front lawn

Statements of hypocrisy

Truth’s allegorical

Framed intolerance on parade

Gifts of belligerence

Wrapped up in a bow

Lives in pieces

Instead of freedom for you

Cowering in silence, passports held captive

A fist flung in rage

Famed aristocracy

Turned taut with democracy

Give shelter from a shattering blow

Cloaked demagoguery

Shamed by the imagery of your thunderous pain

Lives in pieces

No freedom for you

No peace in the house, no friends or foe

As blood flows unrepentant

On streets of poverty

Pound shops and car wash

Food banks and mockery

Language creating prisoners

Lives in pieces

Instead of freedom for you


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