Domhnall Gleeson as Tim Lake
Charlie Curtis (real-life son of Richard Curtis) as Young Tim
Rachel McAdams as Mary
Bill Nighy as Dad (James Lake)
Tom Hollander as Harry Chapman
Lindsay Duncan as Mum (Mary Lake)
Margot Robbie as Charlotte
Lydia Wilson as Kit Kat (Katherine Lake)
Richard Cordery as Uncle Desmond
Joshua McGuire as Rory
Tom Hughes as Jimmy Kincade
Vanessa Kirby as Joanna
Will Merrick as Jay
Lisa Eichhorn as Mary’s mother, Jean
Richard Griffiths plays a brief part as an actor starring alongside Richard E. Grant in what would be his final film appearance, with the film being released months after his March 2013 death.

This film has a cracking soundtrack including one of my favourite Nick Cave songs “Into My Arms.” So that’s well worth checking out as well.


I give this film four window panes (that’s right I’m sticking with the window theme as a rating system) out of five.

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