A Beat inspired poem on loneliness, it was written late last night as a challenge set by a poetry group I’m part of. My dissertation was about the beats so I should know better than to attempt to go anywhere near the genius of Ginsberg.. With that in mind my poem is called Lonely Howl…

a sweet caress in a summer dress, oh nuclear congress!

Takes me by the hand and in a moment of zen like bliss she beats me down like a kick on the bass drum

then grabs me by the coat tie tail winds, sending me soaring like

The Bird, his sound spiralling in the smoke of the club. I still see you in the photograph making me laugh, with your clowning about, your twist and shout, your jack and coke.

We used to dance in the back rooms, underage saloons as we watched popular kids “get-off”.

Where are they now?

Gentle Dean is in the ground
Like the mop fair after the rides have gone, just a rubbish tip devoid of lights

My long lost lonely Howl doesn’t seem so bad, so forlorn or sad

Sticky floor, barroom brawl, the scum the scrawl – listening to The Fall, but barely and rarely getting it

The stream of lights the neon signs, selling some grand design

The lonely Howl, faithful companion of the crow on my shoulder the chip in the cellar, storing self-criticism in a folder marked

“Must do Better.

Copyright Me 2017

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