A life hack could be a small change that makes a big difference in your life. I’m particularly interested in how life-hacks overlap with mindfulness and making more of the life we have right here and now.

Wikipedia describes a life hack as

“any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.”

These are my top five life hacks that have made my life less stressful or given me the satisfaction that I’ve come up with a creative solution to a practical issue within my home.

1) Toothbrush head holders


My partner is the queen of creative fixes and she purchased multi-purpose plastic hooks. She then stuck them to the bathroom tiles to put our toothbrush heads on. This is a simple but ingenious fix that stores the brushes in a hygienic way and saves a bit of time on cleaning.

2) Welly plant pots


Can’t bear to get rid of your little ones cute tiny wellies after they’ve outgrown them? Well why not get them to plant flowers in them and keep them in the garden. It teaches them about recycling and encourages them into the great outdoors.

3) Upcycling


I claimed my writing desk when I found it growing mold in my Gran’s garage. It also had some sentimental value so I asked her if I could save it and she happily agreed. So I fixed the drawers, cleaned and polished it and it now sits in my office, a loved and well used part of my writing routine.

I enjoyed this up-cycling project and if you don’t have relatives with garages to raid then try free-cycle. They sometimes have treasures that with a bit of love can come up looking good as new. It also has the potential to save you a fair amount of cash not to mention being hugely satisfying.

4) Old furniture as a pet cage


Another of my partner’s clever projects. A more complicated up-cylce this involved turning my daughter’s old cupboard into a degu cage complete with lighting.  (Cupboard Cage – Degu not included).

5) Elastic bands on soap dishes


Simple but clever. Put elastic bands round your soap dish and it more or less eliminates the scummy soap slush building up.

These hacks saved us money and also some of them gave us the gift of time. We’ve gained the satisfaction of doing something for ourselves, employing practical problem solving and a bit of hard work. A good project also provides the opportunity for a little mindfulness.

What are your favourite hacks? Let’s have it out in the spaces below.

All photos the copyright of John de Gruyther 2017






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