It's Started

It’s Started

Everyone is leaving their homes today

It’s started

Hordes of zombies marching

Headlamps clatter and devour our destiny

Mechanical monstrosities belching out chemicals






A torrent of atrocity

It’s started

The hordes of zombies are marching

Spliced DNA in an underground lab

Families killing families for bread

They are listening and watching over our every move

Vilification in the headlines

Guns on the street

Knives in our pockets

It’s started

But this is no horror film

or post-apocalyptic vision

This is just another day

Just another man kissing his wife good-bye

and jumping into the family saloon, heading out to work

Just another person in an unknown location,

piloting drones to blow up civilians

Just another politician selling another dirty lie

Just another person turning a blind eye

This is today

This is now

It’s started

©John de Gruyther 2014

4 thoughts on “It’s Started

  1. This is extraordinary. It’s horrifying and powerful. You have a real talent for the dystopic genre. I presume you have read ‘The Road’ by Cormac MaCarthy… 🙂


    • Thanks Rachael, that means a great deal to me, your comments are always insightful and often brighten my day. Oh yes I have read ‘The Road’ a bleak masterpiece, not an easy read but incredible.. My brother has just given me the DVD, not sure whether to watch it, not exactly a popcorn flick 🙂


      • I haven’t seen the film (just highlights on YouTube which were deeply scary), and I’m not sure I could bear it – but I found the book compulsive – I read it through twice in a week.
        The reason I mention it is that I think your piece has that same energy, incites the same repulse/compulsive thing.


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