I wanted to share with you a couple of things. Last night I was doing some tidying (I know it happens to us all) and in an old notebook I found this lovely drawing.

The Colourful Fan

The Colourful Fan

It is by an old friend, Josie, who I have now lost touch with and it is a picture she did to promote an event she organised many moons ago. If you look at the left hand side you will see the name of a band with the whimsical title “The Colourful Fan” that was me and my friend Dan and we played this show and I remember it being great fun but really I wanted to share the picture with you because I think it’s cool.

Secondly I wanted to share with you a new poem, it is a work in progress as I am thinking of re-fining a few elements of it but let me know what you think.

Husk by John de Gruyther

We’re drawing up lines

As you speak

I feel like a husk

If you pierced me with a straw

I would crumble and turn to dust

It’s only grey matter

That’s keeping me together

Dehulling begins in my brain today

And it’s only a meter of rhyme

Like stretched wet paper

Browsing for titles amongst unknown art

Ditched calls

Missed falls

And declining health

Empty halls

Sharpening of claws

And failing wealth

We’re drawing up lines as we speak

I feel like a coconut with no flesh inside

I feel like a husk

©John de Gruyther

I am currently working on a collection of my poetry that I hope to release as an e-b00k by the end of February. More details will appear on my blog in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading, John x

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