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Thank you so much to Leslie at Just Another F-Bomb for nominating me for not one but two awards. Leslie’s posts are uplifting and thought-provoking and they detail how she lives with a condition that until recently I had never heard of. It is a condition that coincidently has entered my life via a close family member and it is always interesting reading her blog.

Leslie deals with adversity in such a positive way and always with a great sense of humour. I think it is important to talk about our health issues and our mental health concerns as it breaks down barriers, hopefully busting taboos and prejudices.

I have become aware that opinion is divided over award giving and whether to accept them or not. I understand fully that if you are a writer or an artist with deadlines that going through the award process can be time-consuming. My own view is that though I am very busy with writing deadlines, various writing projects and life in general, I hope that I will never be too busy to thank the people who have supported me.

I think blog awards are about celebrating community, sharing and promoting each other’s work and for showing appreciation and love for all the many talented people out in the blogosphere.

Here are 5 facts about me

1)  I’m a vegetarian

2) I’m left-handed. (this is where the similarities with Hitler end)

3) I have a degree in English and History

4) Timmy Mallet, the incredibly annoying children’s TV presenter, once refused to  sign an autograph for me. My real shame is that I wanted it in the first place.

5) I once had a trial for Tuffley Rovers Football Club.

Due to my own time constraints I am going to subvert the rules slightly (I have always had anarchist tendencies) and highly recommend five bloggers that have really inspired and encouraged me.  They have inspired me with their brilliant writing or specialist skills and with their determination to do something with their talents.

All of my recommendations have encouraged me by regularly reading my posts, being brilliant, leaving kind feedback and sometimes giving me constructive criticism, don’t worry I can take it, I will only cry for a minimum of 10 minutes, I promise.

My list of recommend blogs are

Changing Skin and Other Stores




Quick Sand

I will contact all these bloggers via their pages or email to see if they want to accept these awards, it doesn’t matter if they do or they don’t. What matters is that they are excellent blogs worthy of awards and praise and I recommend you check them out and maybe subscribe to their posts. I always recommend that people subscribe because it is a great way to support a blogger and it means you can get an update directly to your inbox every time they publish a post.

Wishing all my friends in the blogging world peace and love.


6 thoughts on “Enter The Dragon

  1. First of all, I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I love visiting here, you are extremely talented, engaging and very clever; you deserve all blog awards for which you are nominated and I deeply believe that you are destined to become a well-known author.

    And, I thank you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! 😀


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