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Christmas Indecision

Christmas Indecision

Is it my turn this year

No it’s yours

Shall we say 3

Let’s make it 4

Is Aunt Joan coming or not

I’d rather not say for sure

Christmas comes but once a year

As does the great family indecision

We’ve all got lives

But that can’t explain

Why we can’t decide whether to visit

Cousin Lorraine

Sheila’s not talking

To Kevin or Ben

And my Brother’s got re-married, yet again

For me the decision’s simple

Straight or on the rocks

I just need to find a driver and a new pair of socks

Children are happy

Playing cardboard games

The frenzy of paper unpleasant

The pace of life unrepentant

Hope this year the politics are tame

©John de Gruyther 2013

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