The planning is complete for the first part of my new short story, A Cornish Tale and I hope to bring you the first instalment next week. It tells the tale of Rex Manning, a journalist given what he thinks is a crummy “local news” story in Cornwall, speaking to locals about myths and legends. As he grudgingly sets about interviewing people he uncovers a terrifying conspiracy and discovers that one of the legends he was looking into is far from a legend and is alive and well living on Bodmin Moor.

I had a brief dilemma today about the final part of The Oregon Joker, I had two potential endings and I was temporarily unsure which one to go with. The safer option or the ending that I had always planned and the one that is definitely a bit more daring. However I canvassed opinion and I have made my decision, I am just finishing up the editing and I should publish the final instalment Friday of this week. I am enjoying my holiday so I am going to have a rest from the Joker until then.

Once The Oregon Joker and A Cornish Tale have been posted in full on my blog I am planning to package them both together as an e-book with additional scenes and I will probably wield the mighty editorial sword just to tighten up the seams. (I would like to thank Chris for introducing me to the editorial sword, he tells me that it was forged by elves) I will let you know more details about the e-book once I have finalised everything and most importantly finished the actual stories. I am planning one more blog post before the final Oregon Joker on Friday, so hopefully see you all soon.

©John de Gruyther 2013 (So please don’t steal my stuff)

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