During our travels around Cornwall we recently visited St. Michael’s Mount. We explained to our 3-year-old son that we would be visiting an island but we would not be getting there on a boat. He was very excited by this and kept exclaiming “how will we get to the island because I cannot swim”, he enjoyed trying to guess how we would get there. After we discounted several modes of transportation such as stilts, jumping, flying (by flapping our arms) and hitching a ride on the back of a giant, we waited at the start of the pathway and our access to the island was revealed from beneath the waves. Our son dubbed this the magic path. We crossed the path with the waves still lapping at our feet and we looked around the island bathed in glorious sunshine. We had an enchanting day and later on our other small person (our 9-year-old daughter) drew a picture of the magic path featuring dragons, mermaids and fairies. It was a memorable day that captured all of our imaginations.

The Magic Path

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All Photos by John de Gruyther

©John de Gruyther 2013


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