It is Monday so i’m feeling Doubtful…

The World Outside the Window

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Doubt by John de Gruyther


I had my doubts

I dream of doubt

It is in my shadow that truly is the shade

What really lurks beneath that innocuous façade

The veneer is worn away, I see skulls and atrocity behind your spotless grin

Still I dreamed of doubt

Whilst you glimmer in light are you some despotic apothecary

This is no bureaucratic stipulation or sinister cabal

but flesh and blood and humanity

Compassion up in smoke

But still I dream in doubt

Is it right to be two ways

a smile and polite small talk at day

but at night, at night fevers and nightmares conspire

To leave me with my doubt

Far simpler to grin and bear it

Pretend that it’s not there

Sometimes you must stand to the side of right

even if you are alone

Forestall the knowledge of my doubt

Lost in a forest, does power…

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