Random Reblog, with my tongue of course firmly in my cheek, I feel like a rant…

The World Outside the Window


Maybe this is a sign of me getting more intolerant as I get older but the self-service checkouts at supermarkets have been really annoying me of late. Since they put them in my local store they have made the queues longer and I have witnessed two checkout rage incidents, one so severe that security were called to eject the irate fellow from the premises. Surely this is a sign they are no good and proof that this is one more step along the road to Skynet taking over.

These checkouts are incredibly annoying but they haven’t yet had me reaching for the car door handle and tipping right off the “Falling Down Scale”*. But they would be less annoying if people a) learn how a fucking queue works and b) get things into perspective. To help articulate my feelings towards the self-service checkouts and in the spirit of keeping things in perspective I would like to compare the system of…

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