Sunflowers grow into the light by Evie

Sunflowers Grow Into The Light

I am rather pre-occupied with the sun at the moment. I like taking photos of the sun and looking at any pictures or paintings of the sun. All the different lights, shade and colours are giving me plenty of inspiration at the moment as I continue to work on various magazine articles but concentrate more on poetry and my novel. The weather is absolutely gorgeous at the moment so there are plenty of opportunities to bask in the sunlight.

My daughter drew this picture and I think it is amazing, so I asked her permission to post it to my blog and she kindly consented 🙂

I would have withheld her pocket money if she refused so the poor kid didn’t have much choice. It is with a father’s bias that I view this picture but it is inspired by nature and contains all of my daughter’s lovely attention to detail and I am as always very proud of her.

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