In the last days

I have noticed recently that several of my songs have started out life as a poem, not many of them but more than I realised. I wrote this poem last year, whilst sitting on the bus. I am posting its poem incarnation here and then tomorrow I will post the song version along with the lyrics as I made a few additions to turn it into a song.

In The Last Days

In the last days
My mind washed up on the shore
Cast adrift harrowing shadows
Walking along the pathways

In the last days
We all clung dearly to the vestiges of wealth but it was always
made of sand
Reflections in the water deceiving

In the last days
I took comfort in love that is real
No false comrades could ease my soul
The fall is disconcerting you see

In the last days
Glorious sunshine illuminates my frailty
We all stumble along but life is always flowering

In the last days
A fox and a sparrow framed in the glow of a winter’s call
they don’t care
they are free
The glimpse only fleeting

By John de Gruyther

© John de Gruyther 2013

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