5. The Winner Is Too Obvious


I think you will all agree that having the person who actually wins a tournament, being crowned the winner is too obvious and pretty boring. This is my proposal to make things a bit more interesting; the player that wins the tournament has to play off in a sudden death “pot off” against the player that finished 4th to see who the winner of the tournament is.

If the player that actually won the tournament wins the “pot off” he is relegated to the 2nd division of snooker (if this doesn’t exist we can worry about that later) but if the 4th placed player wins, he is crowned “The Greatest At Snooker”.

All the seedings for any major tournament will be decided via a phone vote. The public will be asked to vote on who they think is “the cheekiest scamp in snooker” and the cheekiest will be the top seed, unless that player happens to be ranked in the world’s top 16. In this case they will automatically progress to the semi-finals. The semi-final traditionally only has 4 spaces, but this will be expanded to allow 16 players thus giving a wider spread of nationalities (this is in acknowledgement of the burgeoning game in Afghanistan).

These simple suggestions would revolutionise the game, taking it away from a classic sport that is well loved and interesting towards a product that will attract the X-Factor audience and make it a lot less boring.

Let me know what you're thinking...

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