Greetings all,

I have a few more recommendations for you this week!

Check out the details at the end after you have finished reading;

Melting Moments make hand made wax fragrance melts and candles. We have just had a set made up for someone and it looks great and is brilliant, that’s right I said brilliant, value for money.

So why not just go to BHS or Boots? Did you not just see that last bit? Melting Moments are brilliant (that word again) value for money, it is also more individual and personal than a branded item, you can tell that care and personality went in to this gift and that in turn says something about the way you feel about the person you are giving the gift too. We have hand picked various outlets to get gifts from and then in turn all these lovely talented folk have hand made a gift specifically for you! That is all round greatness, so come and join me in having an Independent Christmas.

We have also just received a wonderful creature from Bella Baker’s Boutique that will go to a very special little person this Christmas. It is hand made by Hannah, who runs Bella’s and her items are made with a lot of care, attention and plenty of skill.

Bella Baker’s Boutique, makes everything using unusual and interesting fabrics, it is all British made and all the toys conform to CE standards. Hannah is always happy to have a chat about her work or anything for that matter, as she is very approachable and passionate about her craft. Again it is this personal service that cannot be found elsewhere and you get a real sense of where things are coming from. They do a good range of gifts from bibs and trousers, to toys and sensory blankets, so go and check out Bella’s site and order now in time for Christmas.

Increasingly what started out as a good idea for a series of short articles has turned into a real conviction for me, I can see no reason why everyone shouldn’t buy this way and cut out the big boys and girls of retail. If you have internet access you have everything you need! There is so much imagination and talent out there and we can support it by buying from them, you were going to spend the money anyway right? So spend it with a bit of imagination and get something unique!

Amazon Update.

Keep those suggestions coming on the pros and cons of Amazon Market Place, the ones I have received so far are really helping me to decide which way to go, thank you.

One Last Thing.

One last mention and recommendation before I go and that is MoonRiver Silver Fingerprint Jewellery. They offer an excellent range of jewellery and very distinctive and individualistic designs. Some clever gift ideas for Christmas I think, especially capturing your loved one’s fingerprints and then putting them on cuff links, great idea!

Anyway see you soon and I will publish a full list of the Independents I have encountered so far early next week.

Please support these lovely folks;












One thought on “A Very Merry Independent Christmas

  1. Loving your new page John! Have already checked out the independants that you.ve recommended & i agree,what talent & lovely gifts they have to offer, with great value for money! I shall definitely be ordering from them! Can’t wait to read more next week!


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