Hi all,

Continuing my feature about an independent Christmas, my latest recommendation is Big Tub of Soap Suds. They hand make imaginative and quirky soaps and they make ideal stocking fillers. Everything is made to order and you get a GREAT personal service, which is an intrinsic part of their philosophy, go and check out their facebook page and website to see for yourself. We just got some lovely goodies (no not Bill Oddie, he wouldn’t fit through the letterbox!) through the post and are very happy with the items and swift service.

Please like their page and consider making a purchase. A great feature about buying independent, as I have mentioned before, is you get a great personal touch and can quite often have an online chat with the person creating the gift, you certainly don’t get that at big brand stores, not naming any names but let’s call them “Things that Children Play with R US” and “Mumcare” and “That Massive Music Store”!!

Social media gets a lot of criticism for trolling etc but I have found Facebook an incredibly personal place to find gifts as well as really straightforward, everything is paid for with a click via paypal and everything is received pretty quickly.

So go and check out Big Tub of Soaps Suds at the following places;



I thought about creating a seperate blog for this next issue but I think it is completely relevant to Our Very Merry Independent Christmas and I would welcome everyone’s feedback. The issue is put simply Amazon! Is it ok to buy from Amazon if I always buy from the Market Place sellers?

I think it is, as it still supports independent people and Amazon may be the only and best platform for these sellers to get any business, what does everyone else think? I have not made any purchases via this medium yet this year as I am really committed to the ideals of an independent christmas so I thought I would put the discussion out there for everyone to mull over?

Wishing you peace

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