Everyone is going for a walk

Everyone is listening to the talk

Tuning in for the daily briefing

Where they sell numbers to the grieving

They say we’ll be okay but we better pray

They’re really sorry that they didn’t pay attention

Didn’t care for the poor relations

And pay the nurses the going rate of inflation

To the carers, drivers and the pickers,

“would you please make your way to the top of the pyramid, we’re sorry we were trying to chuck you out of the country last week, we’d really actually rather you stayed.”

They’ve got a plan but they won’t show us

Stay inside, like good sheep, oh how they know us

Yes everyone is going for a walk, avoiding faces and going beserk, up the walls and loop the loop, thinking of the different things to do, maybe have a virtual tour of a zoo, or stick some colour paper together with glue, anything to lift the lockdown gloom

“I swear that if I have to hold one more meeting via fricking zoom…”

Everyone is going for a walk

Tuning in for the daily talk

Where’s the PM? Is he hiding on a beach? Meanwhile the commander-in- chief is recommending bleach.

Anyone else got the sinking sensation that they don’t know what they’re doing? Just a posh boy’s malarkey, isn’t it time we hand it all on over to the matriarchy?

Write the questions large! After all Grandmother always used to say that things ran better when matron was in charge.

Everyone is going for their daily walk

Tuning into the talk, the P.E. with Joe, where it stops nobody knows

Tuning in for the daily talk, tuning in to the daily talk, Day 767, tuning into the daily talk, online Scramble or is it Scrabble, instant gabble, tune into the talk

but if only you can tune into yourself and the love around you

Train your feet to feel the ground beneath you, hear the Lord’s whispering voice as it surrounds you

Take  the time to tune in to those around you

Copyright John de Gruyther 2020


I performed this new poem for the first time at The Poet is Mightier than the Sword virtual edition.

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