I’ve been struck by the innovation and creativity of the human spirit during this time of lockdown. People are finding ways to connect and even trying things they’d never have done before. Last week I did an open mic online because of course the venue we normally gather in is closed. I have also been in touch with schools about delivering workshops via Zoom.

But admist all this I’ve been thinking about the fact that not everyone can access the technology to take part in all these things. So I wondered about how to connect with my more immediate community as well.

Inspired by the Thursday night clapping phenomenon my family and I decided to combine our love of superheroes and drawing and devised a family/community project that most people can get involved with. You can either leave/attach a drawing to our fence or share online.

So whether your superhero is your local vicar, your mum or Captain America why not share your superheroes with us?

Use the #superheroesonthefence and share your pictorial version of your favourite hero.

3 thoughts on “Superheroes on the Fence

  1. A wonderful uplifting innovation which made me smile as soon as I saw your artwork on the fence! I am sure that everyone will have a superhero favourite and this is such a fantastic way of connecting with local community and brightening their day- at a time where there is so much worry and uncertainty. Thoughtful and clever idea- well done🌈😊x

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