Listening to Ryan Adam, exhorting him to fix it, a breeze kicks up; it feels like the first breeze of the longest summer, the endless hot days, no breath, not being able to move for the sweltering smothering sunshine. He squints at the approaching bus, a mirage? He could almost reach through the thin place, the space he always thought of as his fantasy realm, his “next door reality,” full of dancing in the streets, power ballads, dragons and adventuring pirates.

It seemed obvious now that there was no discernment to be made anymore between this reality and the one next door, they were all one, and the thin space had been melted by the sun. Vedder and Petty solos sliced through to this realm, releasing the knights of olde, guitars as lances.
Later the hot air waivered over the train tracks, shimmering and breaking open the cracks in the universe. Dream and dream and dream it big, is what the song sang into his ears. He smiled, no one else saw these tears in the fabric, the Drummer Lords were now at large, hunting for the missing chords that would unify the golden blessings.

Clutching his train ticket he boarded what could now only be described as a water flume woven by sea otters and the vehicle clattered its way to Petty Palace where the Heartbreakers would decide his quest.

Copyright John de Gruyther 2018

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