Meet Fern-ando my lovely Boston Fern. He has come to live on my desk at work. The fern is a houseplant that is good for our well-being, providing lovely clean air.


“The best houseplants for the job

The good news is that some of the best houseplants for the job are also the easiest to keep. Boston ferns, rubber plants and English ivy are all good choices as are peace lilies, Chinese evergreens, spider plants and golden pothos. Technically not a houseplant, florist’s chrysantemums also make the list.

“Nature’s life support system”

NASA has called houseplants “nature’s life support system.” While the addition of a red-edged dracaena in your living room won’t remove everything it does help and it is an easy first step towards breathing easier and more healthfully and to living with a green heart 💚.”

This is an excerpt from a brilliant article by Gay Kenney Browne CEO Greenopia for the excellent Thrive Global website. It goes into more detail about plants, meditation and the benefits of keeping plants for asthma sufferers. Check out the whole article by following the link.



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