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As the World Cup has now started I was thinking of a word that describes my feelings about FIFA. This is my effort a re-worked version I wrote four years ago to mark the tournament in Brazil;

World Cup

Roll up Roll up
the circus is about to begin
fat cats laughing away all their sin

Oh yes Russia is thriving
with the people’s need mostly about surviving
Their voices ignored and given short shrift
Drowned out by the sound of construction workers building  FIFA’s concrete monoliths

Oh yes Russia is thriving
with disappearing activists, opposition leaders murdered on the cobble, stolen elections and hopes that are hobbled

Roll up roll up and send in the troops
censor the message, don’t mention Crimea, wait until the festival is over, we don’t want any awkward questions here

Don’t hold hands if you’re male and don’t dare to be black
The world unites the beautiful game is back

“Look if you’re going to be gay that’s OK but just stay away”

The English authorities advise

So don’t make a fuss
Roll up and take a side

Oh yes Russia is thriving

Blatter’s ghost still roaming the hallways, his voice echoing into the Cossack night, not sure if any of this is right

Way back,
when laces were laced and the ball still leather
Men with dirt under their nails could step onto the field,
Men of the people
Men like you or me

Reel out the banner of Lev Yashin, the legends just a reminder of what’s gone missing

And yet there is still romance yearning to burst out of me, a step over by Ronaldo, if I look through squinted eyes he could be Eusebio. Pure skill and effort. Caught at the right perspective Harry Kane could be Geoff Hurst, a side parted finishing genius, who works till he hurts

Through all my assumptions and smell of corruption there could still be a better day if only we could topple that statue made of clay

Copyright John de Gruyther 2018

Good luck dear friends.



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