I recently founded a book club. I wanted it to be inclusive so anyone and everyone felt welcome to attend. No pretensions and no pressure to read set text. It is a chance to relax and discuss our favourite books.

We have also adopted a theme, this month’s was Christmas. Future meetings will see us look at dragons and mythical animals (my tenuous link to today’s word Zoo), poets and vampires. As I am fond of a bit of surrealism in my writing I named the group “When George Orwell Played for Crystal Palace.” I have designed a logo that is a homage to the old football cards that people used to collect.

Each month I thought I’d do an online version of the club.

So the theme is Christmas, what’s your favourite Christmas book? Let me know in the comments below.

Mine are Letters from Father Christmas by JRR Tolkien and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


9 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Mine would be Christmas Books – Charles Dickens because I love A Christmas Carol and The Cricket on The Hearth but I do need to read the others (stopped at The Chimes). I have a copy I bought from a second hand shop for 10p published by Nelson & Sons and printed in old money πŸ“–πŸ˜‰

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  2. The moment I found out I totally suck at Christmas books related quizzes πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ – need to work on it!
    Don’t let this get to your head but it was such a good idea! So looking forward to the Tootheless one – I mean the dragons one πŸ™„πŸ€ͺ
    A Christmas Carol is the best!
    John, this is my first time writing a comment on a blog, you should totally feel privileged! 😹 #seeyoutomorrow x

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