Portrait of a day

A walk in the rain

all of life beautiful and mundane

shopping as distraction from the main attraction

Footsteps, missteps and bus stops full of drunken revellers heading for the races. Wet stubs, streets a hubbub of decay

Regency rooms, Turkish fast food, tea and cakes warm the jade

News you didn’t want, what can you say, it goes on and on every day

Homeless man under umbrella, a road that any of us could take

What shall they do with the remains of the day

Colours vivid even when grey, looking in the mirror for a place to stay

Coffee cups like black holes angels in the architecture

Flowers on the pavement, flowers showered with pain, flowers in the soul, given as condolence, like an inverse wedding favour to the man he met that day

Arm in arm they took the stage, brothers of the heart saying together this is the way

Trees flash by, the memories flash back. Atmospheric gauges have measured a nation failing. Isn’t all housing social.

They remembered being present at the end of the world, the actor who married the domino girl

Portrait of a day

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017



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