Fighting for rights, respect and equality

For years and years

Here’s what some women had to say back in the 80’s

Jane was cool and smart.

“Old-fashioned ways no longer apply to modern times they are a trap  in which women always seem to be caught in.”

This droll remark from Charlotte was right on the money

“I can live alone, if I want. I don’t have to sell my soul and be defined by a man. I have the gifts I was born with, the individuality to be defined by me.”

Have things changed? With Harvey and James playing their games and writing the rules. It’s really not funny

Back in the 80’s it seemed like change was in the air  the idea that the attraction of marriage could be more than domestic enslavement was gaining traction

This is what Emma had to say she gave no retraction

“The higher the intellect or achievement of a woman, the less likely it is for her to meet a man who will see not just sex, but also the human being, the friend, the comrade and strong individuality, who cannot and should not lose a single part of their own ways.”

But do women and girls really now have a say? They don’t get equal pay

Girls get told how to wear their hair, their voice stifled beyond repair

That was the 80’s and now we are still in the same way

All these recollections from inspiring women from the 80’s

The 1880’s

And here we are talking about the same struggles today

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017


Thanks to Jane Addams, Charlotte Bronte and Emma Goldman whose real words I have taken great liberty in paraphrasing.




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