Today’s prompt turned into a continuation of a short story meant as flash fiction a couple of days ago. Something about the character nagged me to write some more to see what happens. I still don’t know, so I’ll keep chipping away to see what emerges.

The line rang and rang. He was losing hope fast and blood even faster. A truck (a rare sight these days) clattered by and honked its horn, shuddering his bones.

If only he’d stuck to the plan. Then he would have been sitting pretty with enough food vouchers to last two seasons. But he had taken a diversion and saved the girl. The memory of her jolted him to alertness. She would be scared and worried and now he might never get back. The sun was on the wane and bandits would soon be on patrol and if the gunshot wound didn’t kill him then they would.

The phone finally clicked into an answering machine and he slammed the receiver down. He felt so dizzy. So weak. Something wet touched his hand and Benson was with him.

“You want me to follow Ben, huh?”

The dog barked its approval and he padded across the road, down the bank and into the woods. He sighed, his mouth feeling dry and he followed the dog into the woods.

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017


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