Krastos loved to dive for treasure as the sun set beyond the mountains. He’d bring his haul to Philoss to assess what had been retrieved.

“Hmm.” Pondered Philoss. “This looks like the Cup of Johanna. The followers of Panacea collected many treasures.”

“Who were they?” Krastos growled.

“Something to do with an ancient human cult. They believed a cure for all things could come from living without machinery. That way they felt that the Goddess Panacea would return to earth, curing it of all sickness.”

Krastos loved to hear Philoss talk about humans and their beliefs. He nodded at the setting sun.

“I think there’s still time for one more dive. See you at wane time Philoss.”

He then jumped spectacularly into the sky and dived beneath the surface of the water.

Words and pictures the Copyright of John de Gruyther 2017


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