An out of work actor (let’s call him Harold Strump) looking for a job

A shadowy benefactor with more money than soul had an idea

Create a character so unreal and satirise the political establishment

The actor would change his name and run for president. To cover their tracks he’d first take a gig on some crappy reality TV show

The character would make claims and accusations so outrageous he’d barely be credible but what a wheeze it would be

The actor himself was a dolphin loving, art collecting, poetry writing vegetarian who really preferred to keep himself to himself, humble and shy. He often wondered if the moon was crying in apocalyptic sky

His real life directly contrary to his grotesque public persona. It sometimes took a strain on poor old Harold.

Somewhere along the way something went wrong and Harold won, a nation started egging him on

President of the free world his prize, what a surprise

What should he do?

Go with the ride, luck on his side, good or ill

After all a job’s a job, and in this economy that’s a precious space to fill

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017


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