The Tall Man Chronicles is a long gestating project that I have spent a lot of time thinking about. It is mostly complete from a text point of view but I initially shelved it because I decided to recreate many of the photographs that were meant to accompany the book. I have gained some knowledge in both photography and writing since I started playing with the concept back in 2014.

Perhaps I will employ some of these new techniques in reviving the project one day. But my new philosophy is no deadlines (where possible) and the consequence of this can mean projects take a long time to complete but it takes the pressure off and for me has resulted in new found creativity. Here is one of my favourite poems from the Tall Man collection.


The Rise of Man and so Much Machinery

In the year 5 ATAF*

A clearing was made

Blood metal shattering the dark blue sky

The Wizened King chuckled

He knew this day would come

“Let it begin then as it must”

Men who started out wide-eyed and with peace in

Their souls

Grew muscles

And greedy

Their eyes blackened by the trickster called



The new hymn of the land

Hacked, ripped and shaken

The trees appalled

As one by one they are murdered

Victim of the saw

Buildings and concrete now to the fore

Twisted metal deformity rising into the skies

Blocking the sun

Nothing is growing

But it is hot

Much hotter than any hell

Imagined or created in the mind of Dante

Wisps of cloud churned into black

Smoking decadence

The ground turned to ash

Oil and smoking chimneys bellowing

Ferocious toxins

Invisible liquids escaping from fridges

Rubbish heaps full of used nappies

Flying metal monsters

Dripping chemicals and lies

The animals are herded

Force fed supplements

Tall Man

Weeps in dignified pent-up silence

A house built on his toes

Once friends in harmony

Man now a deadly foe

Burn down the garden of Eden

No room for paradise to grow

Farewell Magmell

Elysian Fields in decay

The land of trees soon to be gone

Moksha already with us

Now in flames

*After the Axe fell

© John de Gruyther 2014

Words and Photography by John de Gruyther



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