And specifically the way the sun shines through the trees. I’m fascinated by how the light reflects off the branches, how it peers through the canopy of a forest.

I like to capture the sun light bouncing off the woodland. I feel trees have great knowledge. They were here before me and will be here after I am gone. One day they may reclaim the world entirely, I gain comfort and freedom from this thought.

I can be walking through the park to work or out for a Sunday stroll and nothing makes me stop and reach for the camera thinking Ooh, Shiny more than the sun in the trees.





7 thoughts on “Ooh, Shiny! – The Sun

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  2. I feel the same way about trees. When my grandfather’s farm was sold, developers put in a sub-division. Where my grandparent’s home used to stand is now a park. The only part of the farm that wasn’t touched were the pine trees at the front of the property along the road. They are like sentinels watching over a farm that is no longer there.

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