The Isle of Avalon
and the kingdom of Camelot
Arise Sir Tourist Attraction
My feet beat out a rhyme
and those feet in ancient times wore a groove into the hill

It’s not camping if you’re glamping
but it sure is easier on the bones
In the orchard of kings talkin bout philosophy as the lambs bathe in the sun and we consider possibility and which deity is the one

Pleasure in the small things
can you hear the birds sing
as the light creeps through the door

Earl Grey under the duvet
I can hear what you say
right to the end…
of a sentence
that has no issue to be solved
no bills or lunches to make today

Back in the real world the things that matter sometimes come last
wearing masks
and completing tasks for some man in a luxury office complex in London
The point is very far from being in view

If you grasp the nettle wrapped in barbed wire you can lose a certain perspective
get disrespected
But if you walk slower and keep an even line
If you sit sometimes
if you smile instead of yell
you may be able to tell what should be top and what should be bottom

It’s noisy in the mall and quiet in the hall
but careful it ain’t full of mirrors
We’re all serial sinners
but that’s OK
it’s all part of the parade

My feet beat out a rhyme
those feet in ancient times were onto something

Copyright John de Gruyther 2016

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