At school my daughter was recently asked to write a poem about someone who inspired her and this is what she wrote about me.

Inspiration by Evie

An imaginative person that always has a smile,
Quite competitive but still fun all the while,
Musical song-writer who plays the guitar,
Inspiration as bright as a golden star,
Full of good jokes – and always ready for a laugh,
To help me and support me along the path,
Writer of stories and poems galore,
Enchilada lover, his favourite meal I’m sure,
A talented person who’s there for me in work and play,
He loves me, I love him, every hour of the day.

Copyright 2015

As well as making me cry this poem reminded me what a talented writer she is becoming. She recently made it to the second round of the BBC’s 500 words short story competition and her sentence construction and use of language frequently leave me in awe. I’m thinking that pretty soon, I can just give her my ideas and she can write them up for me 🙂

I am of course super proud of her, that’s my job as Dad. But I’m mostly proud of what a kind and beautiful young lady (both inside and out) she is becoming.

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