Monolithic insanity

cuts through the air with no magnanimity

Cold stone prophet to calculated cruelty,

not by accident but by absolute design

They crunch the numbers for the next genocide on the line

Behind the spectacles, only eyes

Eyes are the gateway to the soul, that’s why we are fucked

Sending out memos, no place to hide

Doing tests online,

hanging washing, passing time

They have words but never use them

Lost in transition

Constant consultation, wearing thinner by the day

The collar’s too tight and the name don’t fit

Free from one trap,

gratefully received by another despotic bureaucracy (a nightmare since 1984)

Falling sideways through the gap

Can’t stop, got a tram to catch

Caught in the headlights

Confusion and delay

Breathing is a challenge at the moment, reaching for a rescue to soothe the day

Eyes are the gateway to the soul

That’s why we are


Copyright John de Gruyther 2015

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