Welcome to Tofutopia

This is a quick and very fun (for kids big and small) recipe. My son particularly enjoyed placing it in the microwave and watching it rise. This recipe has been adapted from one I found on the BBC good food website to give it an organic twist. The finished result is delicious, especially with a scoop of ice cream.Ingredients

4 Tbsp Self-Raising Flour

4 Tbsp Caster Sugar

2 Tbsp of Green & Blacks Cocoa Powder

1 Medium Free Range Egg

3 Tbsp Milk

A few drops of vanilla essence (alternatively you can use orange or peppermint)

2 Tbsp of chocolate chips, nuts or raisins (optional)

Welcome to Tofutopia

Welcome to Tofutopia


  • Find the largest mug you have and mix the flour, sugar and cocoa powder in the mug.
  • Add the egg and mix well (it is ok if there are still some dry bits)
  • Add all the other ingredients (not the chocolate chips or nuts yet) and mix until smooth
  • Mix in the chocolate chips or nuts
  • Cook on high for 4-5 mins in the centre of the microwave until risen and firm to the touch


Welcome to Tofutopia

Welcome to Tofutopia

All the ingredients I have used are organic and strictly vegetarian, I have not listed any brands but most supermarkets or health food shops will have everything you need. The only brand I have listed is Green & Blacks because their commitment to all things organic and fairtrade is excellent, so I wanted to give them a shout out. You can read about their philosophy here Green & Blacks


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