Lydney Grandad

I am fascinated by my family history, specifically my Father’s parents. The idea of them being born in India and being Anglo-Indian has always sparked my interest and imagination and it seems to creep its way into all of my work. For example the main character in my novel is called Choudhury, and another novel I plan to write is based around the adventures of a character called Jawa Van Buren, a nod to both my Dutch and Indian heritage.

So whilst I am currently finishing up the first draft of my novel I am already thinking about major projects for next year. The main thing I would love to work on is a script for a musical that I have given the working title of India – The Musical. I have plotted out a very basic story and I have written four songs, which are almost fully completed except for a few tweaks and alterations. The story will show two main characters, one living in 1754 India and another living in the UK during modern times, they are distantly related to each other. The play and music will look at the characters lives from both perspectives, showing that although hundreds of years separate them they share the same spirit and a yearning to be more than they are.

Here are some lyrics from one of the songs, it will be one of the general songs that look at the shared themes that both characters encounter, so this song is not specifically focused on India.

Crossing Borders

On we sail and on we trade

With daggers in our eyes

On we sail and on we trade

vanity is our price

And they’ll keep on, until it’s gone

They’ll keep on keeping on

On we sail and on we plunder

into the black sunrise

He took a boat to Africa with Conrad as his guide

White man’s burden, white man’s guilt

Or just the bottom line

And do my eyes deceive me are there shadows on the line

Crossing borders and making flames is all our sacrifice

And on we sail and on we trade

with diamonds in the mine

And on we sail and on we trade

humanity at the side

And they’ll keep on

until it’s gone

They’ll keep on raping on

There’s land to claim, plantations a flame

Such a paradise

And do my eyes deceive me or is there light beneath the lies

Crossing borders and making flames, a hollow paradise

And all those ancient Christians, are calling me through time

Will we ever see them as part of a grand design

And do my eyes deceive me or is there light beneath my eyes

Crossing borders and making flames such a hollow paradise, such a hollow paradise

©John de Gruyther 2014

Let me know what you think about my latest project in the comments section below, also why not share what you are up to, I’d love to hear from you.

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