Paisley Soul MEME

Welcome to a new feature called Tweet Geek. I intend to re-watch and review some of my favorite television shows starting with Firefly.

Where does the Tweet bit come in, I hear you ask? Well the challenge I have set myself is that each review has to be contained within the 140 characters of a tweet. I will then post my review on this blog and on Twitter.


Photo by Raven Underwood (Creative Commons)

The Train Job (In One Tweet)

“Duped into stealing medicine by a psychotic German, the crew play Robin Hood & the men in black are looking for River, what could it mean?”


Joss Whedon is a great writer and his shows are known for there funny one-liners and fast-talking characters. So just for the blog element of the review, I will share my favorite line from each episode.

Drunk pro-alliance bar fly to Mal –    “Your coat is kind of a Brownish color” (A good old fashioned “wild west” bar room brawl then breaks out)

Next up Episode Three, Bushwhacked.

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