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I wanted to share with you a poem that I recently submitted to an online magazine. Writing this poem was an interesting and new experience for me because it was the first time I had written poetry with guidelines set by someone else. I found the experience interesting but not necessarily fulfilling.

The theme that I had to write about and the tone that was requested didn’t suit my usual way of writing or seem to give me scope to examine the themes I usually like to explore. However I really enjoyed trying to write outside of my comfort zone and my first attempt ended up with a piece that I really love Loxton’s Time-Travel Gift Certificates, which I have already posted on this blog.

Anyway I was fairly happy with the finished poem but do let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Dad has retired

And I am 35

I thought retirement would bring lawnmowers and marrows

But instead it has brought sky diving,

Rally driving, hill walking and

Parish councils

It’s made me re-think all I thought about retirement

What will I do?

Will I even be able to retire

Numbers glide through my head

70, 75, 80

As Dad soars through the sky on his hanglider

Society tries to catagorise us by age,

Shape and colour

But it’s all a façade

So soar Dad soar,

I cast my memory back, this brilliant man built boats,

Worked 5 jobs so my sister and I could eat,

He never really complained just smiled

Day on day

His family to support, so life was ok

His patience a virtue to a child

Now I’m too big to be pushed in a pram

Or wrapped up in Impossibly strong arms

But just because he’s retired and I’m middle aged

Doesn’t mean he’s any less my Dad,

A hero and a model that on life’s path shows

There’s no limit to ambition

If you have imagination

So long live your retirement


©John de Gruyther 2014

2 thoughts on “Tales From The Edge Of My Living Room

    • Thanks Paula, only some of this poem is auto-biographical (I certainly can’t see my Dad really hang-gliding) but the sentiments expressed are true 🙂 As for the marrows, it’s a type of large vegetable related to what you may call a Zucchini…


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