This is a poem from last year that I have re-written as I like to experiment with perspectives..




That’s you today

Can’t concentrate

On anything

Apart from gradual decay

No oil in the engine

Feeling dry

Trying to encounter

Some grand design

Thoughts dwell where they should not



Just give it a shot

Concentration isn’t everything

Shush can you hear

The worms!!

The ground is breaking and shaking

Beneath lonely toes

Can you see the voices




Always misleading

A confused tumble of forgotten denials

Just do it for the money

Like everybody else

Selling parts

Don’t get left out

Outside with the gold

Glazed interest

No life behind the eyes

Songs, traffic and corruption

Cigarettes and alibis

Can still see the box

Oh God! It’s too heavy to carry



Stumbling and tripping

To the sounds of odd music

Autumn chill in your hair

Joints not working as well as they did



That’s you

And all the times that you hid

©John de Gruyther 2014

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