Paisley Soul MEME

Everywhere I look it’s getting beyond control
The fever in the far north country begins to take its toll
I can’t believe for all these years I have been so blind
There is a New Orleans swamp living in my mind

For three days now I have been feeling sick
Haven’t called the doctor because my daughter fixed a remedy quick
But for 30 odd years I’ve been living in a bind
Because I’ve got a New Orleans swamp flowing through my mind

Talk of climate change and post-apocalyptic days
Have set me thinking I better mend my ways
The land is dry, the pockets full
We gotta seek and find
It’s there for all to see, there’s a New Orleans swamp bubbling through my mind

It’s an unusual case
Maybe it’s the pills
Not sure how long it’s been there
Spiders on the window-sill
Better catch up on my sleep
Before I get behind
That’s right you guessed it a New Orleans swamp is in my mind

An apple for the teacher maybe an orange too, you gotta try to please her whatever it is you do
But when you’re trying to get healthy
Better watch out for the rind
That’s right you guessed it there’s a New Orleans swamp in my mind

It’s all those books on travel and dreams of heading west
Maybe at the racetrack should have covered up my head
Sun stroke, almost broke, crying all the time
Here comes the  New Orleans swamp that’s always on my mind

The power of voodoo, Jared Bowie said, a place for swamps and crocodiles
Swimming inside my head
The days just spinning into the mirror shine
Don’t know how to explain it
There’s a New Orleans swamp drowning out my mind

Swirling, ancient melodies
Playing in my head
Wheelbarrows and aliens living in the shed
I’ve checked and I’m sure it’s not a crime
But there’s a New Orleans swamp floating in my mind

The tender is hollow
The curse is but a lie
Seven Servants dancing
To this strange and heated rhyme
You’d be surprised that it happens all the time
Yes there’s a New Orleans swamp, yes a New Orleans swamp, bubbling in my mind.

© John de Gruyther 2014

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