As I open up the link to the font of all knowledge


Be thy name

Oh Wikipedia, Wikipedia, derivative unwanted child of Encyclopedia Britannica, show me your source materials

Lovingly compiled

With no adherence to fact

I’m pretty sure Tom Hanks didn’t win an Oscar for

The Godfather

And I’m certain the Second World War didn’t start because the Austrians wanted their liquorice back

All students and under-grads bow down in awe

Dusty old text books no longer required

Just find some wi-fi access and study Wiki’s hallowed lore

Be careful though

because I’m pretty sure Wilson had 14 points not 34

Oh Wikipedia, Wikipedia

a cornucopia of detailed film synopses,

purveyor of all the albums the Gin Blossoms ever made

Come scholars and academics into the corridors of Wiki-wisdom

Seek out the mysteries of civilisations undiscovered

Oh Wikipedia, Wikipedia

allows me to get answers so much quicker

Gone are the bleak days of having to leave my house,

gone are the days of having to read books or check on facts or have an opinion of my own

Wiki makes it easy, which is always best, I checked on Wikipedia and that’s exactly what it said.

©John de Gruyther 2014

Thanks to the Harvard College Writing Programme for guidance and thanks to the Gin Blossoms for making beautiful and very underrated music.

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