The World Outside the Window


This is my follow-up piece to Rachael’s short story It’s Dark In Here https://theworldoutsidethewindow.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/its-dark-in-here/

Underground by John de Gruyther

It’s under the ground

“It’s alive, It’s alive”

Thunder claps

And lightning bolts

Dr. Sam and the beagles who smoke

In her mad-eyed enthusiasm

She chews on gum

Injecting needles into warm monkey flesh

Scrawny rats twitch and respond

But the cage created for herself

Is a permanent one

Sterile floors

Surgical gloves

None of it a replacement for love

Away from the doors and mirrors

What’s under the ground?

A menace lurking

A cruelty debt to be repaid

Do we reap what we sow

Said “one”, “two” and “three”

In the crunch of the car park an abandoned trolley

Holds the answer

It’s seen things it can’t tell

Cruelty like a malevolent cancer

Once in its hold, will never let go

It’s growing

In the playgrounds

In the boardroom


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