Eloquently written and powerfully important poem.

Poesy plus Polemics

Nigerian Schoolgirls Photo from article.wn.com Nigerian Schoolgirls
Photo from article.wn.com

what terror murders innocence
for yearning education
rips ripe flowers from their stems
to subjugate their fragrance
paternalistic arrogance flaunts
deep sectarian misogyny
it has ugly eyes for the world
bloody hands for its own
stunted ethics compel its illusions

who will stand for the flowers
and tame this abomination
or failing that kill the beast
once and for all with clean
adamant weapons of justice
who will rescue the flowers
return them to their gardens
of humane society give them
sweet nurturing reverence

oh Nigeria giant of Africa
wailing your titanic clashes of clans
let your daughters and sons
breathe of your proud ancient
kingdoms reject the repugnant
sharia of Boko Haram and let
flourish the powers that flowers
exhibit when bathed in the nutrient
peace of Eden before the great fall
it is in you since birthmother Nok
culture opened your primitive heart

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