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No Silent Night

No Silent  Night

Untaught letter boxes

Trapped in hatred

Bearing false witness, on the front lawn

Statements of hypocrisy

Truth’s allegorical

Framed intolerance on parade

Gifts of belligerence

Wrapped up in a bow

Lives in pieces

Instead of peace on Earth

Cowering in silence

From a fist flung in rage

No silent night for you

Famed aristocracy

Turned taut with democracy

Give shelter from a shattering blow

Cloaked demagoguery

Shamed by the imagery of your thunderous pain

Lives in pieces

No peace on Earth

No peace in the house, no friends or foe

Sing choirs of angels

As blood flows unrepentant

On streets of poverty

Pound shops and cash a cheque

Food banks and mockery

And a drunk who crashed into a tree

Lives in pieces

Instead of peace on Earth

©John de Gruyther 2013

5 thoughts on “No Silent Night

  1. A profound poem, John, for the end of another year. It doesn’t feel like much will be changing in the new year either but the older I get, the less I expect from successive governments and world leaders 😦 Yet I remain a glass half full person, perhaps naively but without hope, what else is there? Wishing you a peaceful 2014 and looking forward to reading more of your thought-provoking poetry 🙂


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